The Pentecostal Experience

Capital Punishment
by: Daniel J. Woods

Learn the Biblical reasons for capital punishment and some answers to arguments against it.

The Consequences of Adam's Sin for All Humanity
by: Daniel J. Woods

In this article we discuss the four Biblical judgments pronounced by God against sin of Adam and Eve in Genesis Chapter 3.
1. Hostility between the serpent and the woman, the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent 
2. Suffering for the woman in the process of bearing children 
3. Suffering for the man in the process of providing sustenance for the family
4. Physical death

Crucifixion vs. Daily Dying (Discipline)
by: Daniel J. Woods

The doctrine of sanctification is widely debated and differed on in Christendom today. Biblical phrases such as crucifixion of the flesh and I die daily are often misunderstood and misapplied. Here is a simple comparison between what the Bible means by "Crucifixion of the Flesh" and "Daily Dying to the Flesh or Discipline."

There Is A Difference
by: Daniel J. Woods

Scriptures revealing the difference between the Salvation and Pentecostal experiences.

What It Means To Be "Filled With The Spirit"
by: Daniel J. Woods

Defense for Public Speaking in Tongues
by: Daniel J. Woods

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of Washington
by: Daniel J. Woods

As Christians, we know what it is to be saved, but when asked to describe the experience—we are often at a loss for words. As Pentecostals, we know the difference between having the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit. But again, in explaining the experience, our illustrations often seem to be inadequate.
  When a believer is seeking the Pentecostal blessing, others who have received the power attempt to define what will happen when the seeker is filled. Yet when the seeker's prayer becomes a reality, his experience is unique to him.  There are ways, however, in which we can explain the experience that are familiar to everyone. They are given to us in the book of Acts.